How to choose the perfect clothes for a family photoshoot

My children’s school are offering a mini family photo shoot fundraiser, with all proceeds going to the school. The last professional photos we have are over three years old but I loved them so much, that it is hard to move on from them. One of my husbands friends is a professional photographer and he took the most beautiful photos of our family as a gift to us after our third child was born.

But we are now a family of six and my three year old who is no longer a baby would love to see some photos of herself as a big girl. The photo shoot will be at various locations around their school and I have booked us in for three slots so that we get a total of 45minutes and 15 images – plenty of time to mess around and get photos not only of us as a family but also of just the kids and also some individual shots.


So after booking us in the first thing I do in these situations is to go to Pinterest for some colour coordinated clothing inspiration. You can follow my Family Photography Inspiration Board here.

The next thing I did was go straight to my kid’s wardrobe. I started looking for neutral coloured clothes similar to the clothing we wore on our last shoot, but then I spied a pale blue shirt that belonged to my six year old son. The blue was very dreamy and romantic and lended itself to being blended with all sorts of colour combinations and at first I started to match other pastel pinks and creams to it from my youngest daughters wardrobe. But as I moved through the various combinations of what did and didn’t work I had the thought that the shoot might end up looking a bit more industrial rather than romantic with brick wall, school building backgrounds. So I swapped out the pastels for bolder blue stripes, denim jackets and brown corduroy. My eldest daughter had a maxi dress with blue and orange on it and so vermillion became the contrasting colour of choice for this shoot.

I laid down all the kids clothes on the floor and then went through my husbands shirts until I found the perfect one to match. At this stage I had also decided we would all wear converse style trainers which seemed to mix well with the clothes I had already laid down on the floor especially as my son’s were sky blue and my daughters plum red. The hardest part now was choosing what I was going to wear. It took me the same amount of time to just go through my clothes as it did to choose the outfits for everyone else and I was still undecided until just before getting ready to go.

Check here, my facebook page or instagram to see which outfit I chose as I will post when we get our final photos back. Which would you choose? I’d love to hear your opinion in the comments.


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